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What is web hosting? Simply put, a web hosting service is a place where the information in your web site resides. Neuroscape Communication Resources stores your information on multiple, high powered computers, called servers. These fast, reliable servers are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, and loaded with specialized software to respond to requests from "net surfers" wishing to visit your web site.

Neuroscape Communication Resources doesn't just store your site on a computer. It will be included in Northcoast Community Webs, a site designed as a gathering place for not only local Internet users, but also state wide, national and worldwide customers. Increasing numbers of buyers are using the Internet as a tool to research purchasing decisions and in destination planning for travel. This ever expanding use of the Internet is translating into dollars. The on-line user is pro actively seeking services and information...all you have to do is be there!

We offer three options in web site hosting.

  1. CUSTOM DOMAIN HOSTING is a custom address you have chosen and registered for use on the Internet. Neuroscape Communication Resources has a New Hosting Pricing Structure for your web domain. We do not charge a service fee for registering your domain name for you. If your desired domain name is not available, Neuroscape Communicastion Resources offers hosting under regional domains.

    Neuroscape Communication Resources offers 7 regional domains to which you may add your business name These domains are registered for use on the Internet by Neuroscape and give your business a regional identity without the expense of purchasing a custom domain name. The monthly fee for web site hosting starts at $12 per month (see pricing structure).

    If you're web site is hosted elsewhere, you may gain the additional exposure offered by our high traffic regional webs by linking to us for a nominal fee of $5.00 per month or $50 annually.


  • AMD Palamino, Pentium PIIIs, 450-K2 AMD
  • Combined RAM - 3102 Megabytes
  • 90 Gigabytes of Hard Drive
  • 3Com Network Cards
  • Secure Server
    (Click for Example)
  • Custom Scripting for
    1. Order Forms
    2. Feedback Reply
    3. Integration with database
    4. On-line Catalogs, Shopping Carts, and More
  • Multiple e-mail boxes for each domain.
    Each domain may have an unlimited amount of user names.
  • Searchable Web Sites
  • Sample of Webtrend Demographic Report.
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