Search Engine Marketing

In the ever-expanding World Wide Web, a major concern of Web site owners is being found among the millions of Web sites. Marketing of ones Web site is critical to its success. As seen in the press some companies spend over a million dollars for one advertising spot during the Superbowl, while most Web site owners have little or no advertising budget to promote their site.

Neuroscape has developed and implemented a marketing strategy that fits into most Web site owner's budgets and provides a good return for the investment. The key to marketing is to maximize the dollars spent. Our search engine marketing plans achieve this in the most cost-effective manner available.

Our marketing plan involves targeting the top eight search engines with custom tailored "index" pages. Each search engine has a different method of listing Web sites in their index, the key to getting a high ranking is determining this method and maximizing a the targeted "index" page. These search engines are constantly changing their methods of ranking and Neuroscape researches the most appropriate strategy to place its customers as high as possible.

Why only the top eight search engines, when there are hundreds of search engines? The top eight search engines are used by 95% of the users of the World Wide Web. Time and money are best spent to target the top search engines with a strategic campaign, rather than a "shotgun" approach of hundreds of submissions. Many of the lesser search engines index pages that are ranked high on the "Majors", so this area is eventually covered.

Marketing Plans

Single Marketing Campaign

This plan involves creation and submission of custom tailored pages to the major search engines. Follow-up work is preformed as the pages start displaying; this can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months. The demographic reports run by Neuroscape help us track the listing of sites with the search engines; information indicates which keywords are being used and how much traffic is being generated. This plan provides for initial creation and submission and one follow-up adjustment for placement. Additional adjustment is also available.

Initial work        $650.00
Follow-up adjustments $250.00
Recurring Marketing Campaign

This plan involves creation and submission of custom tailored pages to the major search engines, as well as ongoing follow-up adjustments and resubmission. As the search engines change their indexing method, adjustments are made to keep the Web sites rank as high as possible.

Initial Work       $450.00
Quarterly follow-ups       $50.00/month
Monthly follow-ups       $75.00/month
Weekly Follow-ups        $200.00/month

* -- Recurring Marketing plans require a minimum of 12-month commitment. Neuroscape has found this method of marketing to be the most cost effective. Neuroscape has implemented these methods to high degrees of success. Neuroscape provides it's best effort to achieve the best results for its customers, however there is no guarantee as to placement on the search engines.
Prices above are for clients hosted through Neuroscape.
For non-hosting prices, please call or email for details.